Camp Supply Checklist

Though most camps will provide you with a list of necessary items to bring along, it makes sense to ask if special items should be added for specific programs. The following is a checklist that, in many cases, applies both to day and overnight summer camps.

  • Physical Examination - Camps generally require an exam or health history.

  • Medicines - Be sure to label all medicines and give them to camp medical personnel to administer. Correct time intervals and dosage should be clearly noted.

  • Insurance - Some camps provide accident and health insurance. Find out if there is an additional charge for this coverage.

  • Name tags - Everything brought to camp should have a nametag on it. When possible, use a permanent marker so clothes and other items are not lost.

  • Transportation - It's a good idea to have camp costs itemized when possible. Bus transportation may be included or it could be an extra expense.

  • Laundry - Find out how often clothes are washed at camp. This is a very important consideration when packing begins. An extra pillow case or heavyweight bag will make a fine laundry bag.

  • Clothing - Camps will have lists of recommended clothing. Very comfortable, informal wear is appropriate. In addition to shorts, shirts, underwear, socks and swimsuits, special clothing for certain sports and recreational activities should be packed. Shoes must be durable and one or two extra pairs is a good idea.

  • Toiletries - Keep in mind that sleeping and bathroom facilities are frequently at different locations.














Here's a checklist:

1. soap

2. toothpaste/toothbrush/floss

3. shampoo

4. comb/brush

5. deodorant

6. insect repellent

7. lip balm

8. sunscreen

  • Bedding - Some overnight summer camps do provide linens. In most cases, campers bring their own sheets, blankets, pillows or sleeping bags.

  • Towels - Campers must have their own towels for swimming and showers.

  • Camp Store/Souvenirs - If camp souvenirs or tee shirts will be available, camp directors will let you know how much money your child should bring. Spending money is sometimes suggested for the camp store or canteen. Money is frequently held on account by the camp and deductions are made as children make purchases. The balance is returned at the end of camp.

  • Home Sweet Home - Encourage your child to bring an item from home to make them feel secure and comfortable while away!  This could help avoid homesickness.

Camp supply checklist.